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Reflexology/Marma Therapy

“Our feet affect the flow of energy through the entire body”

As a part of his Yoga Therapy practice, Michael Little offers reflexology services. A one hour therapy session includes reflexology, marma point therapy and Thai Foot Massage. He will conduct the treatment on the hands, arms, lower legs and feet. He will either work at Serenity Yoga (depending on availability of the studio) or come to a person’s home.

The treatment is excellent for relieving stress, pain and releasing toxins throughout the body. Our feet and hands have over 50% of the bones and nerves in our entire body and the effects are highly beneficial and healing. He will loosen the connective tissues and crystal deposits that get “stuck” in the small joints that create arthritis and stiffness. Our general health and well being is compromised from not taking care of our feet and hands.

To schedule an appointment, contact Mike at (928) 941-1358 or pick up one of his cards and detailed therapy descriptions at the studio.

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Michael Little

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