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Instructors for Serenity Yoga

Michael Little

Mike is a certified instructor and a registered Yoga Therapist who has been teaching for over 18 years. He has a passion for helping his students to improve and maintain their ranges of motion, flexibility, balance and strength. His classes are eclectic and he mixes in other body movement systems. His intention in every class is to work the entire body {toes to head} to release stress and maintain body functionality. He has done extensive studies and taken many classes in yoga therapy, anatomy, alignment, body mechanics, Anusara principles and other yoga styles. He is a 2nd degree black belt and taught martial arts for many years before coming to yoga.

As part of his Yoga Therapy practice, Mike also is available for reflexology, Marma Point Therapy and Thai Foot Massage.

Mike's classes will relax and energize you and are great for cross-training or enhancing a yoga practice.


Mei Wong

Mei's background and commitment to the practice of Yoga has resulted from many years of studying, imbibing and sharing the vast field of knowledge that comes from the rich, ever-enduring field of Yoga.

She has been practicing Yoga since 1995 and has taught Yoga for 19 years when inspired by Stephanie Martin. Mei has extensive knowledge and training based on Anusara principles of alignment and body integration. She has travelled and studied extensively throughout the nation and honors the insights of many streams of wisdom that flow into the river of Yoga.

Michelle Listiak
Michelle is a Certified TRE Provider and offers Stress and Trauma Release therapy. 

Her love for Yoga is evident in her teaching and extensive knowledge of Yoga, especially Anusara principles of alignment and body integration. She is ever a student of Yoga and is constantly going to Events and seminars to improve her knowledge and skills. Michelle began Yoga to find balance in her job, her life and her health. At her first class, she was surprised that Yoga developed strength, as well as flexibility. Born and raised in Yuma she appreciates the beauty and tranquil spirit of the desert. She celebrates the spirit of nature through her Anusara Yoga practice and teaching.

Serenity Yoga
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Michael Little

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