Yoga is a gift

for your well-being!

Benefits of Yoga

Increased balance, strength and flexibility
Reduced stress and increased confidence
Improved mental alertness and focus
Decreases anxiety, internal stress, and depression
Improves mood and sense of well being
Improves learning efficiency and memory
Increased mental range of motion in shoulders and hips
Improved spinal alignment and reduced or alleviated back pain
Increased energy
Body detoxification, immune system stimulation and toning of the organs
Improved overall posture
Improved digestion
Improves flow of lymphatic system
Normalizes endocrine function
Increase bone density
Normalizes weight and body composition
Decreases blood sugar levels
Decreases sodium
Decreases total cholesterol
Increases HDL
Decreases triglycerides
EEG-alpha brain brain waves increase leading to a restful mental state

If you have questions about Yoga, please call our studio 928.941.1358 to get answers and take the first step toward feeling better and getting the stress of every day life under control!

Serenity Yoga
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